3 Common Wedding Catering Hiccups and How to Tackle Them

3 Common Wedding Catering Hiccups and How to Tackle Them


3 Common Wedding Catering Hiccups and How to Tackle Them

The wedding catering nightmare stories you’ve heard aren’t just myths. In fact, catering hiccups are more common in wedding receptions. And we totally get it…..The last thing you want on your wedding day is a catering problem. While no one can guarantee a no-hiccup, acclaimed caterers like Elsie’s Kitchen come prepared to quickly resolve any issues as they arise. Here’s how we, at Elsie’s Kitchen, tackle the three most common wedding catering issues before you even know they existed.


1. More guests show up


Estimating how many guests will actually turn up on the big day takes some guesswork, but you never know the exact number. If more people than what you had estimated show up, you could run out of foods. Nothing is more embarrassing than not being able to provide enough food to your guests.


One way to tackle the issue at the outset is by sending RSVPs. Or simply call your invites days before the event to get a confirmation from them. However, we understand that it is easier said than done. Sometimes you just can’t get everyone to respond to your RSVPs. Thankfully, at Elsie’s Kitchen, we leave a 10% buffer on your guest count. That means if you order food for 100 people, we make arrangements for 110 just to make sure we are prepared to deal with any last-minute surprises.



2. Food safety hazards


You might have heard stories of guests feeling unwell, getting sick or falling ill after eating unhealthy foods at a wedding reception. Just imagine how dreadful that could be! As a host, you’d never want to take a chance on the quality of food being served to your guests. But how can ensure safe foods that your guests can enjoy without an iota of doubt?


Well, first of all, make sure that you hire an acclaimed wedding caterer that has years of experience in the business. If possible, personally visit their central kitchen and logistic facilities before signing a contract with them. Also, be sure to hire a certified caterer that follows the food safety guidelines issued by the National Environment Agency. For instance, Elsie’s Kitchen is bizSAFE3 and HACCP certified and has one of the largest and most hygienic central kitchens in Singapore.  We follow internationally accepted systems for reducing any risk of food safety hazards.




3. Last-minute changes


Sometimes you may want to adjust your wedding buffet order at the last minute or days after the final order. For instance, you may want to add a new item to your menu or order a larger quantity of foods.  So make sure your caterer is open to accept any such last-minute changes. At Elsie’s Kitchen, we allow you to make amendments to your orders 48 hours prior to the event day. We also accept last-minute wedding buffet orders for large groups depending on our availability.


If you are looking for a reliable wedding caterer that offers halal catering in Singapore, contact us. We have got your back for most of the common wedding catering hiccups.





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