3 Tips for Organizing Mini Buffet Parties

3 Tips for Organizing Mini Buffet Parties


3 Tips for Organizing Mini Buffet Parties


Let’s say you are hosting a small event at home but don’t want to get too busy with cooking, serving and cleaning. Or perhaps, your event venue doesn’t have enough space for a catered buffet. In situations like this, a mini hi tea catering could be your saving grace! Mini buffets come in disposable trays along with disposable cutleries and serviettes. Plus, you get the food delivered at your home or event venue! What better way to make your party stress-free? While mini buffets help avoid the stress and hassle of a traditional buffet, you may still want to consider a few things to ensure the smooth running of your event. Here are some tips.


1. Hire an acclaimed caterer


Finding a good caterer is half the battle. Don’t just hire any caterer that offers mini buffets. First, check if the caterer is halal-certified. Secondly, do they follow good hygiene practices? One way to confirm that is by selecting a HACCP and bizSAFE3 certified caterer. Also, make sure the caterer follows the NEA guidelines for food preparations. In addition, check their reputation and background. How many years have they been doing this business? Finally, check if they have good reviews for serving mini buffets.


2. Select the menu


Most halal catering companies offer a few different menu options for a mini buffet. Your job is to choose the right package, depending on your budget, number of guests, and event timing. For instance, if you are inviting your guests for lunch, you should probably order ten-course or nine-course meals. You’ll also have multiple options for each food type. For instance, chicken items may include traditional chicken curry, sticky lemon chicken, and honey-soy baked chicken. Another important thing to consider is any dietary restrictions of your guests. Some of your guests could be vegetarian. Some may look for gluten-free food. Make sure you communicate any special needs with your caterer well in advance.


3. Consider table arrangements


Caterers usually don’t offer table setup services for mini buffets and mini takeaway sets. That means you have to arrange the buffet table on your own. All you need is to arrange the food table strategically, so your guests can easily find what they need. For instance, you may want to have a separate table for desserts or drinks. Another good idea would be keeping the cutleries at the end of the food queue. So you want your guests to first pick up their plate, then their food and finally their cutleries. That way, you can make it easier for them to take the food. The napkins should be placed at the end of the queue as well. Also, make sure you have enough trash cans across the venue, so your guests can easily find and use them when required. Finally, arrange the food items wisely. For instance, if you think certain items are high in demand; consider placing it at the end of the food queue. By the time people reach there, most of them will have their plates full.


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