4 Tips for Hosting a Wedding Tea Reception

4 Tips for Hosting a Wedding Tea Reception


4 Tips for Hosting a Wedding Tea Reception

You can throw a tea party for almost any occasion – be it birthdays, social gatherings or weddings. A classic tea party never goes out of fashion. But if you are planning to host a tea wedding reception, maybe you should look beyond the “classic” theme. Thankfully, tea receptions are so versatile that you can make them fit into any theme. No matter what theme you choose, you’ll need professional help to bring your ideas to life. So make sure you hire a reputable wedding caterer in Singapore. Your caterer should help you choose the right menu, venue and décor, depending on the theme of your event. But there’s more to hosting a wedding tea reception than just hiring a caterer. Here are some useful tips.


1. Make your decor stand out

A tea wedding reception is a perfect occasion to mix and match traditional and contemporary looks. For instance, you can pair vintage teapots with modern-style teacups and dishware. Another good idea would be to use teacup towers or multi-tiered stands for teatime treats. Candles and flowers are must-have in any tea party décor, but you can stand out with your uncommon choice of flowers. Check with you halal catering in Singapore if they provide a full buffet layout for tea reception, including tables, warmers, skirting and disposable wares. Some caterers may also help you with flower decoration.


2. Select tea reception foods

Traditionally, a tea reception should have at least three food items along with the hot tea. These should be bite size foods, such as, scones, sandwiches, cakes, pastries and cookies. But when selecting menu for your wedding tea party, you don’t have to follow any tradition. Since you are not offering a full wedding meal, it would be a good idea to include a heavy meal as your main course. At Elsie's Kitchen, we offer a number of main course options, such as, "Nam Pla" Seafood White Bee Hoon, Nonya Fried Mee Siam and Vegetarian Black Bee Hoon with Crispy Beancurd Skin.

3. Look for a package deal

Most wedding caterers will offer you a few package deals for tea party reception. At Elsie's Kitchen, we offer deals suitable for almost every taste and budget. All you need is to compare and choose the most suitable deal for you. When comparing, make sure the package has all or most of the food options you wanted to include. For instance, apart from the main course, you may want to have cakes and muffins, savory dishes, Asian confectionaries, dim sum, deserts and beverages.


4. Finalized your guest list and party time

Before you compare tea-reception package deals, decide when you want to start the party and how many people are attending it. Without those numbers, it will be difficult to choose the right deal for you. For instance, Elsie's Kitchen offers different pricing for different menu packages, depending on the number of invites and food items. Our Popular Tea Menu, for instance, offers five courses at $4.50 per person, but you should order for a minimum 100 people. Our Executive Tea Reception menu, on the other hand, offers 11 courses at $10 per person, with a minimum order for 30 people.



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