4 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

4 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower


4 Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

It is customary to host a baby shower party for the expectant mother in most cultures. Even if you don’t follow traditions and customs, hosting a baby shower is a great way to lift the mood of the mom-to-be. However, pulling off a successful baby shower takes a lot of time and effort. As the day draws near, confusion ensues and managing everything, from the guest list to the décor and the food becomes difficult. Another common problem hosts often face is: How to stay true to the new mother’s style and incorporate her choices in the whole scheme? Here’s how to stay organized and plan a successful baby full month shower.

1. Set a Budget

Set early early by creating a guest list. This gives you a fair idea of the scale of the event, which in turn indicates how much you can spend on invitations, buffet catering, favors, prizes for games, decorations and so on. Also, look for package deals on food and treats instead of buying them separately. For instance, Elsie’s Kitchen provides 50 red eggs, ang ku kuehs and mini pastries at $128.40 (inclusive of taxes).


2. Choose the Venue and Date Carefully

Once you have your guest list and budget squared away, now you can zero in on a venue. For intimate, family-only celebrations, your home backyard could be a nice venue. For larger events, you can consider booking a nearby hotel hall or restaurant. It is also important to take into account the weather conditions, if you’re deciding on an open-air setting like a local park. When it comes to the date, it is ideal to choose one on the weekend and in the evening to avoid clashes with guests’ work hours. Also, try to check with your guests if they have any important appointments on the event day.  



3. Ensure Variety in the Menu

Ideally, you should have your food choices finalized about three weeks in advance. Check with your caterer if they provide different food options across courses, since variety is important to ensure something for every taste. Fried foods are a hit with everybody, but basic finger snacks and softer picks for any elderly guests would be thoughtful on your part. It is also important to keep in my mind the dietary restrictions and religious sensibilities of the mother, host and guests at the baby shower. Elsie’s Catering provides one of the best options for halal catering in Singapore.


4. Have a Theme and Plan Fun Activities

A theme needn’t be complicated — it can be color-based or require the guests to dress up as fairytale characters. Make sure your decorations are in sync with the theme of the party. Depending on your budget and time at hand, you can either hire a professional party décor service or do it on your own with help of your friends and family. Planning a baby shower is incomplete without deciding a few games. For instance, you can plan mad libs and diaper-themed games in between the order of events. Do remember to pick up fun prizes for the winners. It’s also a good idea to hire a photographer or have someone in the family ready to do the photography.


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