5 Benefits of a Catered Buffet

5 Benefits of a Catered Buffet


5 Benefits of a Catered Buffet

If you are confused between plated and buffet catering, here’s one thing you should know. One option is not better than another - When it comes to choosing a meal style for your event, you should consider a few things, such as, the event type, budget and the theme of your party. For instance, plated meals are better suited to formal, black tie events, while buffet is a great fit for any wedding reception or more causal events.

But a catered buffet offers many other benefits. Here are the five main benefits of choosing a catered buffet for your next big event in Singapore. 


1. Saves money


Let’s start with the most obvious. A buffet dinner often costs you much less than a sit-down dinner. Why? That’s because a buffet requires fewer servers. Plus, allowing the guests more control over what they want and don’t want to eat means that you can reduce food wastage in your event. So you save on both counts – food and service.


2. Offers more flexibility of food choices  


Unlike a sit down dinner where guests are served a few pre-selected menus, a catered buffet lets them choose what they want to eat. They get more options to choose from, which give them a sense of flexibility. For instance, just because someone chose Seafood Money Bag doesn’t mean they cannot try Crispy Crab Claw or Rocky Shrimp Ball.


3. Helps guests to socialize


With a sit-down dinner, people usually stay at their own table and rarely go to other’s table uninvited. In comparison, a catered buffet helps your guests interact with each other. They can move around freely and initiate a conversation with an unknown person more easily, thanks to the setting of a buffet catering.


4. Allows guests to prompt the serving size


In most plated dinners, each guest is served a standard portion. But the problem is; not all your guests have the same appetite level or eating capacity. That means if you serve everyone in standard portions, some of your guests may leave hungry, while others may end up wasting a lot of the served food. With buffet catering, you don’t have that problem. It allows your guests to choose the food item as well as the serving size.


5. Helps tackle guests with dietary restrictions


Some of your guests could be pure vegetarian. You may also have a good number of Muslim guests, who would prefer halal catering in Singapore. In either case, a catered buffet dinner offers something for everyone. All you need is to let your caterer know about your guests’ dietary restrictions at the time of booking, and they’ll plan the menu options accordingly.



Finding a buffet caterer in Singapore is not a problem, but finding a competent one is. Make sure your caterer has good reviews and years of experience in business. At Elsie's Kitchen, we offer many different types of buffet menus, including Authentic Classics, Timeless Delights, Luxurious Flavors, and Traditional Choices. Contact us for any of your buffet catering requirements.


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