5 Tips for Planning Your Last-minute Holiday Party

5 Tips for Planning Your Last-minute Holiday Party


5 Tips for Planning Your Last-minute Holiday Party

Even if you’re not a natural procrastinator, the year-end workload can make your late on planning your holiday party. But here’s the good news! It is possible to plan your holiday party even at the eleventh hour. For last-minute planning, however, you need a different strategy. For instance, when looking for halal food catering services in Singapore, make sure the vendor that has a proven track record of catering to large groups within a short notice. Here are some more tips on how to pull off a successful holiday party at short notice.

1. Start with a budget 

Since you are late, you don’t have those early booking discounts. But that’s okay. You’re buying special treatment for a little extra money. In situations like this, however, you need to set a budget and plan within it. Make an estimated budget and try to stay below it. Remember, you could encounter unexpected expenses during the course of your party.

2. Secure you venue and caterer

Chances are most of your favorite venues and caters are already booked. But don’t assume anything. You never know you might find a good venue not booked yet. Grab it before it’s too late. Same with caterers! The only difference is that some acclaimed caterers like Elsie's Kitchen accept last-minute orders at a slightly higher rate. So it could be easier to book a good halal catering service in Singapore, even at the last minute.


3. Keep your options open for a date 

Holiday party dates are not set in stone. You can choose any date you want in late December and even in early January. So keep your options open. Aim for less busy dates of a week. For instance, Fridays through Sundays are usually booked in advance. Thursdays are high in demand among corporate hosts. So you’re most likely left with Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. When selecting a date, also consider if your caterer has any minimum order requirement on that particular date.

4. Consider minimalist decoration

When decorating a holiday party venue, most people aim for extravagance. But in truth, less is more in decoration. Even if you’re not a big fan of minimalism, use it to save time on holiday decoration. Remember, you’ve so much to do in so little time. That’s not to say, however, that you should abandon flowers, garlands or Christmas trees. Just allow yourself to be a little creative, and you can do more with less.

5. Don’t be late to invite

Once you’ve fixed a date, make a guest list and send invitations right away. Since you’re already late, you need to inform your guests as soon as possible. Even if you haven’t still decided the time, place and theme of your party, send the invitations anyway - so your guests can save the date. Later when you’ll be ready, you can send a follow-up or a reminder email with all the details.

Since you’re short on time, you should bank more on your caterer’s experience. So choose your cater carefully. Look for a company that not only handles food catering but offers table arrangement and clean-up services.



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