5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Buffet Catering

5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Buffet Catering


5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Buffet Catering

Buffets go well with any type of casual events; be it a semiformal wedding, a casual tea reception or a BBQ luncheon. However, pulling off a successful buffet takes work - a lot of decision-making on the part of the host. While catered buffets are a great way to satiate your guests by giving them more food options to choose from, you (as a host) need to communicate well with your caterer to ensure smooth-running of the event.

Here are some useful tips.


1. Select a theme


Choosing a theme for your party from the outset makes all the other decisions easier. Once you’ve a theme, now you can plan your buffet catering around it. Acclaimed caterers like Elsie’s Kitchen offer a wide variety of theme-based buffet menu options, such as, Traditional Choices, Authentic Classics, Timeless Delights and Luxurious Flavors.


2. Choose the right dishes


Once you’ve chosen a theme and selected a menu style that complements your theme, you’re not done yet. The next step is to select specific dishes under each food category. For instance, under Traditional Choices, you’ll have many types of noodle, chicken, rice and fish dishes. Depending on your guest list and preferences, you may want to club Golden Cereal Shrimp Fried Rice with Nonya Fried Mee Siam and Steamed Assam Fish with Nanas. Or you can go for Timeless Delights with dishes, such as, Szechuan La Zi Chicken with Green Beans, Nonya Dry Assam Prawns, Gobi Manchurian, and Bubur Hitam. In any case, selecting the right combination is important.



3. Consider special dietary requirements


If you are planning your event in Singapore, consider hiring a Halal-certified caterer. Elsie’s Kitchen complies with Halal standards, so your Muslim guests can enjoy foods without an iota of doubt. Just because you’re choosing halal catering in Singapore doesn’t mean, however, that your vegan guests should compromise. Acclaimed halal caterers also keep special arrangements for vegetarians. All you need is to inform your caterer about your guests’ special dietary requirements in plenty of time.


4. Estimate the total headcount


Determining how many guests will actually attend your event takes some guesswork, but it doesn’t have to be a wild guess. With pre-registration and save-the-date notices, you can make a pretty accurate estimate. One rule of thumb is to expect a 10-15% nonattendance. For instance, if you’ve invited 500 guests, you can safely assume that around 450 would turn up. At Elsie’s Kitchen, we provide a 10% buffer anyway. That means we’ll have arrangements for extra foods in case all the guests turn up.


5. Customize


You can also customize your buffet catering to a unique theme. Some caterers offer customization upon special request. For instance, you can request for special serve-ware sets that match your theme or personalized dinner sets with engraved names. Adding a live food station to your event is also a great idea.


Finally, the importance of hiring a good caterer for your buffet cannot be stressed enough. Consider checking the vendor’s past records and reputation before making a final decision. Also, most of the acclaimed buffet caterers in Singapore receive more orders than they can handle. So, if possible, book your caterer a few months in advance.


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