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5 Wedding Catering Ideas to Wow Your Guests


5 Wedding Catering Ideas to Wow Your Guests

You’re getting married; no wonder you’d be brimming with ideas on how to make your wedding reception the most talked-about event of your town. Perhaps, you’ve already booked a gorgeous wedding venue and wedding favors for your guests. But here’s the thing. If you want to win the hearts of your wedding guests, you’ve got to serve them great foods. There’s no two ways about it. The only way to their heart is through their stomach – Period. So book an acclaimed halal catering service in Singapore. Once that is done, sit with your caterer and plan customized menus. Also, think about how you can make the dished look more attractive. The success lies in the planning. Here are some useful tips and ideas.


1. Have enough pre-ceremony snacks and beverages

Most of your guests will arrive early, way before the actual ceremony starts. Have some interesting food items to offer them at this time. For instance, you can serve finger bites like a Pizza or savory dishes like Chicken Yakitori or classic asian confectionaries like Mini Macau Egg Tart. Also, serve them hot tea or coffee. If you need more ideas for pre-ceremony snacks and beverages, check out the tea reception menu of Elsie’s Kitchen. We offer a variety of heritage deserts, cakes and pastries along with brewed coffee and tea.


2. Consider a buffet-style dinner

There’s no set rule on what meal style to choose for your wedding food catering for reception, but a catered buffet gives your guests more flexibility of food choices and helps them socialize. Unlike a plated meal, a buffet allows your guests to choose what they want to eat and how much. For instance, just because someone tried Signature Muar Mackerel Otah doesn’t mean they cannot eat Stir-Fried Black Pepper Udon.



3. Have one or two live food stations

Setting up a live food station at your wedding venue is a great way to offer your guests more interactive experience with their foods. It’s one thing to eat a tasty food; it’s another to see the making of it before eating. Your guests will see the foods being prepared; and if they want, they can even alter the dish slightly to suit their taste and preferences. Talk to your caterer about what foods they can make at live stations. For instance, Elsie’s Kitchen offers live stations for beef carving, salmon, Kueh Pie Tee, and Laksa.


4. Use seasonal ingredients

If you want to impress your guests with great foods, be sure to leverage the power of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Ask your caterer to make foods with seasonal ingredients. Not only will this make your dishes more delicious, but it’ll save your money on food catering.


5. Have something for everyone

Not all guests are created equal. Some of your wedding guests could be vegan, while some may look for gluten-free foods. Before finalizing your wedding reception menu, make sure you know their dietary restrictions. Pass on that information to your caterer, so they can plan a menu that has enough food options for everyone.


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