7 Questions to Help You Find the Right Wedding Caterer in Singapore

7 Questions to Help You Find the Right Wedding Caterer in Singapore


7 Questions to Help You Find the Right Wedding Caterer in Singapore

You’ll get tons of advice about how to find the best wedding caterer in Singapore. But everyone has their own definition of “good.” The thing is…..You don’t need the best, you need the right fit. And finding the right catering service almost always starts with asking a few questions.

Here are 7 important questions that should help you make the right choice.



1. Does the Singapore caterer have enough experience handling wedding events?


Not all caterers are equally good at handling all kinds of events. Every company has a specialism. A good event caterer is not necessarily good at handling wedding events. So check the specialism and experience level of your prospective caterer. Ideally, you should hire a company that has years of experience handling wedding events. Also, check whether they have successfully arranged wedding buffet, tea reception and wedding sit-downs earlier.


2. What menu options do they provide?


Your wedding caterer in Singapore should provide you the flexibility of a few different menu options, but without overwhelming you with a plenty of them. Choosing becomes difficult when you’ve too few or too many options. You want a menu list that falls in between these two extremes. Check the dishes available within each course. For instance, a wedding buffet menu usually includes a chicken course. But do they allow you to choose one from two or three chicken dishes? For instance, we allow you to choose either prawn paste chicken or grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce.


3. Is there something for everyone?


Your guest list may include Muslims and pure vegetarians. So check whether your wedding offers halal catering services for the Muslims and some vegan recipes for the pure vegetarians. The idea is to offer something for everyone.


4. Are there any hidden charges?


If the pricing sounds too good to be true, watch out. Some caterers may have some hidden fees. To avoid any unpleased surprises in the end, read the terms and conditions of the contract beforehand. Make sure you read and understand their refund and cancellation policy. You want do business with a reliable and honest vendor.



5. Do they offer taste testing sessions?


They should. All good wedding caterers allow you to try at least three selected main dishes. Also, during the testing session, your caterer should serve the foods exactly how they’d serve on the day of the actual event. This allows you to check the appearance of the dishes and their presentation style. If they offer only paid testing sessions, that’s okay too. But you should never finalize an order before tasting the food in advance. If possible, bring at least 3 more people with you for taste testing.


6. Do they entertain special requests?


Most wedding caterers have a set of menu options and they usually don’t want to go beyond those standard options. However, if you need a customized menu, ask in advance whether they accept special requests.


7. Are they responsive?


Last but not the least; watch out their communication and professionalism. Just serving great foods is not enough. Does the caterer respond to your calls quickly? Do they pay attention to small details? If they fail to impress you during the initial conversation, chances are they’ll mess it up during the actual event.


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