7 Tips for Planning a Catered Holiday Party

7 Tips for Planning a Catered Holiday Party


7 Tips for Planning a Catered Holiday Party

Do you want to host an unforgettable holiday party, but not sure how to tackle the food catering? Wait a minute! Perhaps you are still confused between DIY and catered arrangements. There’s no set rule for this, but if you are planning to invite more than 20 guests, it is always a good idea to seek professional help for your food catering. Remember, you’ll have so many other things to tackle…from shopping to decorating. Just hiring a halal catering service in Singapore isn’t enough though. There’s more to planning a catered holiday party than you might think. Here are some useful tips.


1. Set a date


The first thing is setting a date for your party. Most caterers are highly in demand on certain dates, such as, December 24 and December 31. If you don’t have a specific date in mind, consider a relatively less sought-after date like December 22 or 23. That way, you are likely to get more leeway from your caterer. For instance, Elsie’s Kitchen has a minimum order requirement of $800 for events organized on dates December 20, 21 and 24.


2. Book your caterer early


This doesn’t require mentioning that most caterers are busy during the holiday season. Especially, the reputable ones are usually booked weeks or months in advance. So make sure you book your favorite caterer as early as possible.


3. Estimate your number of guests


Before you book a caterer, you need an estimate of how many guests are coming to your party. That is often the first thing a Singapore caterer will ask you. In fact, their catering costs and services will depend on your total number of guests.

Some caterers have a set lower limit for the headcount, depending on the menu option you choose. At Elsie’s Kitchen, for instance, 40Pax is the minimum requirement for our First Noel menu. If you’ve a shorter guest list, you can order our Mini Yule Tide Feast, which requires a minimum 15Pax.



4. Choose a venue


It could be your home or a rented event venue, but make sure you inform your caterer where you’re planning to organize the party. Check if the place has all the necessary facilities for organizing a holiday party.


5. Select a menu


Now that you’ve finalized a venue, the next step is to select a menu for your Christmas or New Year Party. Typically, your caterer will have a few menu options for holiday parties. You can choose from their standard options depending on your individual requirements and preferences. Or you can request a special dish.


6. Consider dietary restrictions


Some of your guests may require gluten-free foods; some could be pure vegetarians; while your Muslim guests will require halal foods. Keep your caterer in the loop about any special dietary requirements of your guests.


7. Look for extras


When comparing halal catering services in Singapore, you should look for extras. Check whether the catering package includes party decorations. For instance, we at Elsie’s Kitchen offer assistance in Christmas buffet setup. Also, check if the caterer offers party tables, chairs, disposable wares, and trash bags.



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