Tips for Choosing Healthy Bento Food

Tips for Choosing Healthy Bento Food


Tips for Choosing Healthy Bento Food


Hosting a catered event in the times of COVID19 could be challenging! However, every problem has a solution. If maintaining social distancing at a catered buffet is the problem, bento meals could be the solution. A bento box usually contains five or more compartments, each section capable of carrying a seperate food item. This means your guests can simply "grab and go" rather than waiting their turn in a queue to serve themselves in a buffet. Most buffet catering in Singapore offer a wide variety of healthy bento menu options. So how will you choose the right menu for your needs? Here are some tips.


1. Types of Bento Meals


Typically, halal food catering companies offer a few different types of bento meals to choose from. So the first thing you should do is to choose the right type of bento meals for your need. At Elsie's Kitchen, we offer 1)Healthier Choice Bento, 2) Normal Bento and 3) Daily Bento. The normal bento package offers five different menus starting from $3.00 per person onwards. On the other hand, the healthier choice bento cost you $5.00 per person onwards for a five-course meal with mixed grain rice. Essentially, Value to Deluxe menus pack offers either fish or meat, while the premium pack offers both. Once you've chosen you bento meals type, next step is to choose the right food under each menu section.


2. Rice


Rice is a staple of bento but healthier bento packs usually avoid white rice. Instead, they offer either mixed grain or brown rice. These are high in fiber and easy to digest.


3. Meat


When it comes to meat dishes, it is always a good idea to choose a chicken recipe. Chicken is high in protein and low in fat. It is easy to see why most healthy bento packs come with a chicken dish. However, if you want a maximum nutritional value from a chicken recipe, consider avoiding deep fried chicken. At Elsie's Kitchen, we allow you to choose between Honey Soy Baked Chicken and Braised Black Pepper Chicken. Both options are healthy in that they are prepared by baking or stir-frying.


4. Fish


You may want to include a fish recipe in your bento box. For instance, we offer Steamed Assam Fish with Nanas or Steamed Fish in Fresh Chili Garlic sauce. If you opt out for our deluxe bento pack, you have to choose between the fish and meat recipes. However, our premium bento pack allows you to enjoy the best of both.


5. Egg


Your bento box never gets complete without an egg recipe. At Elsie's Kitchen, we give you three options to choose from. The first is the Egg Fu Yong, which is an omelete dish inspired by Chinese cuisine. The other two options are Braised Egg Bean-curd and Steamed Egg.


5. Side dish


In addition to the main course, your bento box should include a side dish. For instance, you can go for cheese tofu or japanese seafood croquette. At Elsie's Kitchen, we offer two more options, namely Thai Fish Cake and Honey Prawn Dumpling. Also, make sure to include some seasonal vegetable dishes and a bottle of mineral water.



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