Top 4 Criteria to Consider when Choosing a Caterer

Top 4 Criteria to Consider when Choosing a Caterer


Top 4 Criteria to Consider when Choosing a Caterer

What better way to impress your guests than by serving them great food and beverages? No wonder people go all out to find a good caterer. But good catering is more than just serving great foods. Acclaimed caterers know how to create an overall dining experience that the guests will cherish for years to come. If you’re looking for a caterer but not sure how to find the right fit, start by defining your criteria for selection. 


Whether you need a wedding caterer or Halal catering services in Singapore, here are the top 4 criteria to consider.


1. Responsiveness


Anyone can tell you, “I’m interested in your project.” But action speaks louder than words. If a caterer is truly interested to work with you, it shows right from the beginning. During your initial conversation with a catering company, watch how quickly they respond to your emails or phone calls. Responsiveness is a good yardstick for measuring a prospective caterer’s interest in your project. Are they asking enough questions to know more about your event? Are they returning your calls within 24 hours? If yes, these are signs that they’re truly concerned about meeting your requirements. You don’t want to hire someone who treats you as just another client.


2. Experience handling your type of event


Just because a caterer did a great job in your friend’s wedding doesn’t mean you should hire them for your corporate event. Every catering company has a specialism. A catering company may tell you they can handle any type of event, but don’t take their words for it. Ask them some questions and do your own research. You need make sure that the company you’re hiring has years of experience handling the type of event you’re planning to organize.


3. Ability to go beyond standard menu options


When it comes to menu options, most caterers in Singapore prefer staying “in the zone.”  They have some standard menu options. At the best, they have a few different options for different types of event. But if you have a special request, it would be difficult for you to find a willing caterer. It’s important that you and your caterer are on the same page before signing the deal. For instance, if you’ve any special requests for your corporate event; ask them if their chefs are capable and willing to customize the dishes to suit your corporate theme and gastronomic requirements. 



4. Open to taste testing


Check whether the caterer allows for sampling the menu items you’re planning to order. Ideally, you should attend at least three tasting sessions with three different caterers. Make sure that the caterer is open to prepare the exact dishes for sampling. If you need to pay for the samples, you should still go ahead and attend the taste testing sessions. Also, make sure you check not just the flavor but the appearance of the dishes and how the food is being served. Chances are that the caterer is going to replicate the same on the day of the event. Don’t sign the contract until you’re fully convinced. 


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